What I do on a weekend if I’m not knitting or crocheting

Welcome to our abode!

This is rural Goa, about 45 minutes from Margao City.  Some old houses in Goa, looked like this–2 houses divided by a wall.  Usually, it maybe 2 brothers sharing the lot.  This house of my husband was divided between 2 cousins, one was my husband’s grandfather. Our house is the one on the right side.

There is a bit of wildlife that can be seen when staying in rural parts of Goa.  Sometimes, monkeys come to take fruits from mango trees, like this one in front of our house.  They come in groups and run over the rooftops.  Sometimes, i see squirrels running up the coconut trees here in front or eating the breadfruit tree at the back of our house. I also spot on birds like kingfishers, or the red-whiskered bulbul.  During afternoons, around 5.30-6pm I can  hear foxes howling, but I’ve never actually seen one around.

living room during my mother in law’s birthday

Here aunties are enjoying each a glass of beer and uncles are having whisky. Goans always like to have something sweet especially on birthdays.  In this photo, they just arrive and are having snacks and drinks.  I think indians really eat their meals late and have a habit of sleeping after eating.


So, another thing i  like to do aside from crochet and knitting is baking.  I made this banoffee pie for my mother in law’s birthday.  All the guests liked it and I liked it too it taste like ice cream to me.  But I need to improve my crust…it got burned in the oven.

Sunday out to Cuncolim Market

I always like to go out on the sunday Market in this Area, located just off the main highway going towards southern Goa.  We have actually Assolna market which is busy every thursday.  Which means all the vegetables, fruit stands and homeware, fabric vendors, etc all come.  On ordinary days you can see few vegetables and fruits and normally the fish vendors around.  In this market, these vendors are there on sundays.  It’s a good day for me to go since my husband is there to accompany me. I get more variety of fruits and vegetables here too.

vegetable vendors
spice vendors
bus stop

A bus stop on the main highway on the way to south goa, just infront of the gas station.  There are certain bus stands/stops in the area, but bus drivers just stop anywhere if a passenger wants to get a ride or go down the bus.

gas station

This is just before we head to buy things at the market.  I really don’t drive on the main highway with my scooter.  So it’s always my husband who drives on sunday when we’re out at the market. And that’s him pushing my pink scooty to put some gas.

This is how i spend my sunday mornings.  Late afternoons, if I don’t crochet/knit at home we are out for a movie in Margao or just going around with the bike looking for something to snack.


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