Daily Life in Goa

The decision to live in Goa

When I met my husband in Singapore, fast forward to 3 years, and decided to get married,he ask me that if I would be willing to live in Goa.  I never gave an answer right away.  I had so much doubt that I would fill homesick because India has totally has a different culture, practices, a mix of different religions.  And the food, I think is too spicy for me.

After my work contract ended in Singapore.  I have to go back to Cebu, Philippines and take a long term visa (OCI) at the Indian Embassy in Manila, Philippines.  My husband also decided to resign with the job in Singapore and come back to Goa.  After just holidaying in Goa for the past years while working in Singapore, I finally settled down here in June of 2015.  It feels like really plunging into the unknown.

Currently, my husband works in the ship design office in Panjim, where he has to drive 1.5 hours from where we live.  Changing a job or career, is another difficult decision to make unless your willing to take risk.  I didn’t really want to work in the same office as my husband, although they invited me to join.  I didn’t want to hassle myself of going to Panjim and driving everyday there for work.  Instead, I chose to stay at home and start my own home business.  I do handmade crafts like crochet, knitting, sewing and baking!

Daily routine

While my husband goes to work from monday-saturday.  I enjoy my time at home, cooking, crochet, knitting. My mother in law is also here to accompany me.  We like to do the same things together while talking, I do crochet and she does cross-stitch or embroidery.

rose embroidery pillow cases done by my mother in law

Some other days we go to Margao to buy food items or anything we need that we can’t buy in the shops nearby. Sometimes have some errands to do too.

Since I like a variety of crafts, I like going to Margao where I can buy cheap stuff   Cotton fabrics are so cheap.  It/s as cheap as Rs50/meter. The most I buy in Margao can range from Rs50-Rs75/ meter and are of good quality and nice prints already, like this shorts I’ve made.

floral cotton fabrics I’ve made into shorts that can be worn at home


My mother in law does tutor classes too from monday-saturday with the kids around the neighborhood, from kindergarten to 8 standard.  Sometimes I help out with the teaching,  but I really don’t have that much patience like hers.

one of the students who comes for tutor classes with my mother in law


So this is my daily life in Goa.  In Singapore I and husband use to have the same job as ship design engineer in one of the shipyards there.  As for now, I’m quite enjoying just staying at home, having my own time.  In my next post I want to show some of the crafts I made and actually sell to local people.  I was amazed at how goans and indians like handmade items so much, than if I was selling in the Philippine market.  That is another thing that I like about Goa and the goans, they like crochet, knitting, handmade decors, tailored clothes.  So if you got skills of doing this craft or this is just a hobby, you can actually turn it into a home business here.

If there are filipinas out there who are planning to get married in India or Goa specifically, you can contact me in this blog or thru my email: canas_fe@hotmail.com I’m sure you have some questions in mind about the life here and most probably on processing of documents.

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