Celebrating Eid in our neighbourhood

Most of the communities or villages here are compose of hindus, christians, and muslims living together.  Today the muslims are celebrating eid.  Some neighbors kids come to the house to give food.  They come around lunchtime and bring pulau rice (plain or with mutton), that’s what we got today, mutton and chicken gravy and some kind of noodle dessert.  These are the same kids who come for tutor lessons with my mother in law.  But today, was a holiday for them to celebrate eid and they go around the neighborhoood to bring food.  They also go roaming around the village to their muslim friends.

Dressing Up

She is one of our muslim neighbors.  She came in the morning to have her hair fix by me.  I just made a braid headband design and a bun at the bottom.  Indian women like to grow their hair long and always either braid, tie or made into a bun.  She said she wanted to put her hairdown.   But I was doubting that maybe somebody in her family might not like,  even at times I try to teach something new to these kids.  Then later on I realize I could have put half her hair down because I saw her wearing a high heeled shoes too.

I did put on her a bit of make up.  Just something light to put some color on her face just like the last time.  I like to match eyeshadow colors with the dress that they wear.  So, that’s just what I did.

gold and green  eyeshadows

It isn’t so obvious in the photo, she’s just a kid so I made it light..but she did look good in it.  Pink lipstick and blush on, and eyeliner and she’s done.


I braided and made a bun on the lower half.

I sometimes teach them with their lessons too and other new things to learn over the internet.  Since they don’t have access to it and they come from villages in Karnataka, their hometown.  Their fathers come here to work in Goa, so the whole family comes too.   Most or not all of them were born in their native places but have grown up and study here Goa.

Happy Eid to the Muslim community around the world!



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